Fun day of snorkeling on a tropical reef!

Last weekend I met up with an old friend and we decided to spend the day snorkeling around the local reef here in the Bahamas. While I am a certified scuba diver, my friend is not unfortunately. So while we were restricted to snorkeling only, it was still a fantastic day spent among the corals. There is always a wide variety of aquatic life to see and I am rarely disappointed even after 10 years of exploring similar reef ecosystems. While the reef itself is quite shallow, it covers a large area which means many tropical fish make this warm water sanctuary their home. The corals are in decent condition thanks to the local wildlife protection service maintaining the reef. We were able to sail into a nice little cove and drop anchor, before donning our fins and snorkeling equipment. This time around we were trying out a new gadget I recently found online, the Tribord easybreath snorkeling mask. This is a neat full face design that allows you to breath normally instead of having to suck air through a more obtrusive classic snorkel. I like this new mask as it allows me to focus more on my underwater experience and less on constantly clearing my mask and snorkel. The Tribord easybreath is not very expensive when compared to a regular set of snorkel gear, and provides you with a full face mask experience that is quite different.


tribord easybreath snorkeling mask
My friend trying out the tribord easybreath full face mask

During our little day trip adventure we ran into several large schools of fish, including some mean looking barracuda! Lucky for us they were not hungry and simply were enjoying the warm shallow water, and probably looking to snack on some smaller fish if they got lucky. With the added benefit of proper fins, we were able to quickly move through the water and even dive down several meters to get a close up look at the corals lining the bottom of the reef. The nice thing about snorkeling is, unlike scuba diving you do not have to worry about nitrogen buildup or getting the bends, due to extended periods of time at depth. So we were able to paddle about for a couple hours, leisurely taking in all the gorgeous sights. A quick stop for lunch aboard my sailboat and we were ready to enjoy some sundown cocktails on the deck.

sunset snorkeling adventure

It is always nice to catch up with old friends and since most of mine are also oceanic enthusiasts as well, snorkeling together is a great way to spend an afternoon. As the sun set we slowly cruised back into the marina, ready to head out for dinner and see what the night had to offer! The seafood at the local dock side restaurant is always mouth watering and extremely fresh as the locals spearfish on the same reef we were exploring that day. I decided to go big and get a delicious red snapper that had been caught only hours before. It was certainly a decision I will not forget!

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