Whats the difference between snorkeling gear and scuba gear?

A lot of people actually get into scuba diving through their interest in snorkeling. This is a great intro way to start to learn about the underwater world and a good start at becoming more comfortable in the ocean. While a lot of the equipment is very similar, there tends to be some key differences. This is something any aspiring diver should know, especially if they think they are going to be bringing their Snorkeling gear on board a dive boat! A snorkel mask might cut it just fine, but usually the fins are too short to propel them in a full scuba set with ample force.

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Scuba fins tend to be much longer than the ones that come with most snorkel gear, and give you more power when kicking through the water while wearing heavy gear. A dry snorkel however is a great addition to any scuba divers kit, and while most divers seem to not bring a snorkel on their outings, it can really make a difference in rougher conditions with larger waves and some more surf. It saves you from having to put your regulator in your mouth and waste air while on the surface. One of the benefits of snorkeling fins however is the fact that due to the shorter size you tend to be a bit more maneuverable in the water. Being able to twist and turn on a dime is a nice feeling, and high end snorkeling gear will certainly help.

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When it comes to traveling, bringing your own snorkel set is also much easier than bringing and entire scuba gear kit, even if you have a good travel bcd. Most snorkeling sets come with a decent travel bag that helps with storage and will keep your gear all together when not in use. Thanks to the compact size, this makes snorkeling gear the ideal travel accessory for ocean explorers who are only bringing a backpack or small suitcase. In most cases it is far easier to simply rent your scuba gear when you get to your destination, most dive shops don’t even charge a fee if you purchase a 2 tank dive outing.

As you might have read in some of my previous posts I love to spend my time in between dives snorkeling and i find it extremely relaxing. I recently started using a full face snorkel mask when I take a swim from my boat and could not be happier with my decision to switch from a standard scuba mask. I would love to hear what you think the best snorkeling gear is at the moment and if you have tried  using a tribord easybreath? Let me know in the comments below!

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